SurveyGizmo Individual Pricing

Test drive the plan that's right for you. No credit card required.

0 / Month
* Billed Annually
Get your toes wet with a limited free experience.
Basic License
24 / Month
* Billed Annually
Satisfy simple data collection needs with an entry level survey tool.
Standard License
79 / Month
* Billed Annually
Perfect for individuals at a small business looking to learn more about their customers or research subjects.
Market Research License
118 / Month
* Billed Annually
Run a one-person market research firm all from SurveyGizmo.
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Do you work on a team? Check out SurveyGizmo Team Pricing

What can SurveyGizmo do for me?

SurveyGizmo's flexible survey software can be used for so much more than surveys.

Think of us as a data collection tool. Do you want to embed contact forms? We can do that. How about creating online quizzes and tests? We get an A+ on that project.

Whenever and wherever you collect data, SurveyGizmo is on the job.

Which individual account is right for me?

Each account level has its perks.

Get your feet wet with surveys in a Free, then add more advanced features and customizations in Basic and Standard. For independent researchers, the Market Research License has everything you need.

If multiple users will be using one account, explore our Team & Enterprise options.

What about a Team & Enterprise solution?

Individual plans are great for one person, but as your team grows, your survey platform should grow right there with you.

SurveyGizmo offers custom accounts that are tailored for teams and enterprise businesses looking for the best online survey tool. Made for multi-person teams and even multiple departments within a single company.